This crafty cocktail from Salcombe Gin is a transatlantic experience, combining the best of the classic lunchtime ice tea with seasonal British elderflower for a refreshing summer drink.

Serves 1

Salcombe Gin ‘Start Point’ 25ml
Elderflower liqueur 25ml
Lady Grey tea 75ml, brewed and cooled
Elderflower tonic water 125ml
Orange bitters a dash
Head of fresh elderflower to decorate

  1. Build the cocktail in a copa glass, adding the Salcombe Gin, elderflower liqueur and Lady Grey tea.
  2. Add ice, leaving enough room for the elderflower head.
  3. Top up with elderflower tonic and add a couple of dashes of orange bitters.
  4. Add the elderflower head to the top of the glass sitting on the ice.