Crispy ling with chilli jam

Tempura fried crispy ling fish

Ling is elevated once marinated and fried in tempura style batter. Head chef at Outlaw’s Fish Kitchen, Tim Barnes, shows you how.

Cured monkfish with ginger dressing

Outlaw's cured monkfish with ginger and spring onion

Tim Barnes, head chef at Outlaw’s Fish Kitchen in Port Isaac, shares his recipe for cured monkfish with a ginger and spring onion dressing Serves 4 You will need Monkfish loin 300g, skin, sinew and bone removed Cornish sea salt 250g Caster sugar 250g Rosemary leaves 2 sprigs Fresh ginger juice 20ml (from 100g fresh […]

Marinated monkfish cheek

Outlaw's marinated monkfish cheeks

Tim Barnes, head chef at Outlaw’s Fish Kitchen, shares his recipe for marinated monkfish cheek with a mangetout, beansprout and peanut salad.

Sea Side Restaurant

St Moritz Sea Side

We’ve been sunning ourselves at the Sea Side this month, checking out St Moritz Hotel’s revamped easy-going eatery