Drinks list: Relentless cocktail

Created by Niall Keating of Whatley Manor and Salcombe Distilling Co.’s team of mixologists, this chic cocktail showcases the innovative new gin crafted using Niall’s blood orange kombucha

The delicious end-of-summer creation marries the exotic flavours of Restless gin with fresh notes of yuzu, fruity Asian pear, the subtle spice of Indonesian long pepper and an effervescent sweetness of kombucha to create a cocktail inspired by Niall’s culinary journey.

For the Relentless cocktail you will need

Salcombe Gin Voyager Series Restless 40ml
Choya yuzu liqueur 10ml
Asian pear and Indonesian long pepper syrup 10ml
Plum bitters 5 dashes
Foaming bitters ½ pipette
Real Kombucha Royal Flush 50ml
Perilla leaf


1. Place an extra-large ice cube in a contemporary tumbler and leave to one side.
2. Fill a Boston shaker with ice, add the Restless gin, yuzu liqueur, Asian pear and long pepper syrup, plum and foaming bitters and shake vigorously for 10 seconds.
3. Long pour the mixture through a double strainer over the ice cube into the glass.
4. Top up with 50ml of Real Kombucha Royal Flush.
5. Garnish with a single perilla leaf placed on top of the ice cube.

Find out more about Restless gin here.


june, 2024


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