Weekend hero cooking: pan-roasted hake with tartare sauce

Dolton Lodge, head chef of Trencherman’s restaurant The Lamb at Longdown near Exeter, shares his recipe for pan-roasted hake with tartare sauce

Serves 4

You will need

For the pickled mussels

Mussels 500g, steamed and picked
White wine vinegar 250g
Water 250g
Sugar 30g
Salt 20g

For the potatoes

New potatoes 400g
Salt 15g

For the tartare sauce

Double cream 25ml
Mayonnaise 6 tbsp
Fish stock 200ml, kept hot
Banana shallot 1, finely diced
Garlic cloves 2, minced
Little Gem lettuce 1, shredded
Peas 100g, blanched
Gherkins 25g, diced
Capers 25g, chopped
Lemon-infused olive oil optional

For the hake

Rapeseed oil 2 tbsp
Hake 4 fillets, each approximately 200g, scaled and pin-boned


  1. For the pickled mussels: the mussels will need to be prepared 24 hours in advance. Take the steamed then picked mussel meat and place in a container. In a heavy-based saucepan combine the vinegar, water, sugar and salt. Bring to the boil, then pour over the mussels. Leave for at least 24 hours.
  2. For the potatoes: place the potatoes in a heavy-based saucepan, cover with water and add the salt. Bring to the boil and cook until tender (approximately 20 minutes).
  3. For the tartare: place the cream and mayonnaise in a bowl, then slowly whisk in the hot fish stock. Add the shallot, garlic, lettuce and peas to the sauce, transfer to a pan and heat through for 1 minute. Finally add the diced gherkins and capers. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Put aside.
  4. For the pan-roasted hake: heat a frying pan over a medium heat and pour in the rapeseed oil. When the pan is hot, place the fillets skin-side down and season with salt. Cook gently for 4–5 minutes until the hake is lightly golden at the edges. Carefully flip the fillets over and remove the pan from the heat.
  5. To serve: spoon the tartare sauce into 4 warmed bowls, piling the peas and lettuce in the centre. Place the potatoes on top of the peas and lettuce, then place the hake fillets on top. Scatter with the pickled mussels and add a drizzle of the infused oil if using. Serve immediately.

Chef’s tip: ‘I like to serve this modern take on fish and chips with salt and vinegar scraps (gribbles),’ says Dolton


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april, 2024


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