Salcombe Gin’s seasonal twist on the classic negroni features a blissful blend of cask-aged gin, vermouth and blood orange juice

Serves 1

Cask-aged gin 25ml

Bramley & Gage Sweet Vermouth 25ml

Rosehip cup 25ml

Blood orange juice 10ml

Blood orange peel


  1. In a mixing glass, combine the cask-aged gin, vermouth, rosehip cup and blood orange juice.
  2. Add plenty of ice and and stir for 30 seconds.
  3. Fill a tumbler with ice.
  4. Double strain the mixture into the tumbler.
  5. Twist a slice of blood orange peel over the glass to release the oils.
  6. Rub the rim of the glass with the peel, twist and use as a garnish.