Mark Hix’s Christmas

We got the inside info about Dorset seafood connoisseur and TV chef Mark Hix’s Christmas from the man himself, and discovered a surprise supermarket buy and the secret to creating your own Hix Fix cocktail this festive season

Who will you be spending Christmas Day with this year?

I usually spend Christmas day with Isla, my little daughter, and her mum and grandparents in Sussex.

What’s under the tree?

God knows I’m too old for presents but I’m sure there will be some useful little treats.

Who’s cooking?

I am so it will be my cold-smoked trout, smoked at Chesil Smokery, followed by turkey – although if it were up to me everyone would get a selection of little roast game birds.

Secret turkey-prepping tip?

I separate the legs and stuff and roast them separately, so the whole thing is in the oven for minimal time and won’t overcook.

Must-have sides?

Kalettes – a cross between kale and brussels sprouts. I also love sprouts, roasted root vegetables, roast potatoes, bread sauce, cranberry jelly and gravy.

Posh pudding plans?

I think someone is supplying a Tesco Christmas pudding!

Christmas drinks?

British sparkling bubbles, and a Hix Fix. It’s a cocktail made from Julian Temperley‘s cherries in his eau de vie, popped into a glass of champagne.

What games do you play at Christmas?

Snooker is usually my favourite.

What’s on TV?

A good old James Bond movie.

Any plans for 2024?

It’s too far ahead to say – who knows what may happen.

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