Salcombe Gin Marmajito

This marmajito cocktail from Angus Lugsdin, co-founder of Salcombe Gin, features blood orange marmalade and tangy ruby grapefruit, which we reckon makes it the perfect brunch time treat

Serves 1

Salcombe Gin 50ml
Blood orange marmalade 2 barspoons
Lemon juice 10ml
Mint leaves 10
Elderflower tonic
Ruby grapefruit 1 thin wheel

  1. Place a highball tumbler on the bar ready for serving.
  2. Add the gin, marmalade, lemon juice and 8 clapped mint leaves to the Boston shaker glass and fill to the top with ice. Make sure the Boston shaker tin is on at an angle as it’s easier to release.
  3. Shake for 10 seconds or until you feel enough dilution has taken place.
  4. Fill the high ball tumbler with ice, add a thin wheel of ruby grapefruit against the inside of the glass.
  5. Double strain the mix into the highball tumbler. Tap the fine strainer to make sure all the mix is passed through.
  6. Finish to the top with elderflower tonic and a mint sprig.


april, 2024


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