Elly Wentworth’s Christmas

We delved into the diaries of some of the South West’s top chefs to discover what they have planned this festive season. Head chef at The Angel – Taste of Devon and Great British Menu alumna Elly Wentworth’s Christmas involves exotic travels and wedding planning alongside the festive treats

Where will you be this Christmas?

I’ll be in Dartmouth this year; my partner Andy and I actually fly back during Christmas week from Thailand, where we’ll have been on holiday for three weeks, so we’ll be home just in time for the festive spirits.

What are you hoping to find under the tree?

A couple of presents, but we’re saving for a wedding! I’m sure Andy has a couple of surprises for me …

Who’s cooking?

It’ll most likely be me, and I want to get a lovely piece of pork from Walter Rose, the butcher we use for the restaurant. Maybe a roasted glazed ham as well.

What are your must-have side dishes?

It has to be a good stuffing, and pigs in blankets – and my all-time favourites: brussels sprouts.

Fan of Christmas pudding?

I prefer a cheeky mince pie with brandy butter, or a chocolate log.

Sparkles, cocktails, or something else?

Mulled wine is always a favourite, or a good bottle of wine from Ed’s wine shop in Dartmouth.

Board game addicts?

We’ll be playing cards or Monopoly.

On the box?

Christmas films and the King’s Speech.

What’s 2024 looking like?

I have a book coming out around April, celebrating the Angel Restaurant and Joyce Molyneux with some classic dishes. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and I’m very proud to showcase the South West – as it’s the best! Oh, and did I mention I’m getting married? That’s in October, so a busy year for me!

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